Mahatma Gandhi and the Sabarmati River

Mohanlal Pandya, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi at the Ashram on the banks of the river Sabarmati, observed that Gandhiji used only a small jug of water every morning to wash his face and brush his teeth.

He asked Gandhiji about his miserly use of water, “when the great Sabarmati river is flowing next to us.” Gandhiji merely smiled and asked him whether his face was unclean. When Pandya remarked that it was not, Gandhiji then retorted, “If it can clean my face and mouth thoroughly, why should I use more than a jug of water? Merely because the great Sabarmati river is flowing next to me, why should I take more than what I need? The river is for all of us – not just we humans but even the birds and the beasts and the insects.”

In this simple story lies a great message for all of us. Never waste natural resources because they are in plenty. Rather understand the responsibility of sharing them and saving them for the future.

I have no right to use more water than what I really need. Is it fair to take more than what is needed from a collective property?”

Mahatma Gandhi (From GANDHI KATHA
Written by :Umashankar Joshi
Translated by : Divya Joshi)

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