Movie Round Up

A look at the best movies – feature films and documentaries that evocatively recreate and enlighten as well as entertain.

The Miracle Water Village

The story of hope and an example of how a village that is right in the middle of one of the worst drought prone regions in India transformed itself into a prosperous town using a unique model of water management

The Green Oasis in Dry and Arid Rajasthan

The inspiring story of how Lapodiya – a small village of 300 households used traditional water harvesting methods to become drought free and drought proof

From Drought to Prosperity – Paani Foundation and The Satyamev Jayate Cup

The Satyamev Jayate Cup and the Paani Foundation have been constructively changing landscapes and turning barren lands into fields filled to the brim with rich harvests. Here is the story of this encouraging initiative.

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